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By ~*Peaches*~, Age 25, SC
Have you ever worn long underwear?
No way! I would never wear those.
No, but I wish I had some.
What are long underwear?
Yeah, that's all I wear in the winter.

Why Do People Pick on those who Wear Briefs?
I am 14 years old and I wear boxer-briefs and occassionally I wear briefs. I do not see what the big deal is if someone wears briefs. Why do people pick on them for it? Someone who wears briefs does not deserve ...
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Create a new brand of bras and panties
Make it your choice!!! Your idea.
Help me create a new brand!
Tell me your likes and dislikes of your bras and underwear .
Should it be fun-if so how do you see this?
What is your favorite underwear ...
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We Run Around In Boxers
When my friends spend time at my house which I guess is alot, we run around the house in our boxers. My two sisters say that makes us gay. WE are just 13 and it is more comfortable. I guess the main reason that ...
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Underwear Shopping
Because I am in college, my parents wanted to make sure I had all the basics covered so when they came to visit me this last weekend they took me to target to pick up some things. My mom took me to target ...
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Looking for some good ideas?
I've been pestering a friend of mine who goes to lingerie parties from time to time to let me come sometime (never know! haha!) and the other day she finally said I could, only if I wear lingerie also. ...
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Girl's Underwear
First off let me say that I'm a guy. Everyone's opinion is welcome both boys and girls. How would you feel if a girl wanted you to get rid of your boxers and start buying and wearing girls styles? What ...
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Lowrise underwear and commando have to go
There has been a lot of talk over the years about girls whose underwear shows being trashy.  What I think is trashy is a girls butt crack showing.  Lately it seems that this has replaced underwear showing. ...
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Hold on for Hope Tighty Whitie Guys
I thought my whole life that every girl would hate tighty whities. Granted. I wear boxers, and boxer-briefs, but I was very concerned that my girlfriend would be super turned-off by tighty whities. Obviously, ...
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Underwear Online Ordering
I want to buy underwear online because one, there are so many more styles online than in the stores. I mainly want to order thongs and jockstraps because in the department stores there isn't much or anything...
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Guys' Underwear Showing: Girls, Do You Like That?
I wear guys' low-rise jeans, and my underwear shows most of the time if I sit down or bend over. In one of my college classes that met once a week, this girl who sat behind me told me one night when we...
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this is weird Adam 3 06-25-12
Tricked Into Wearing Panties Bobby 0 12-17-12
What color underwear? Brendan 1 07-09-12
i'm wearing underoos Kody 2 03-10-12
guys, which would you rather wear? Oliver 33 07-20-09
Six Flags WhiteWater Jack 1 05-20-11
boys what kind of underwear R U wearing right now?:p ryan 82 02-02-07
Physical? jack 4 11-27-10
underoos Preston 10 05-16-10

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