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Embarrassing Underwear
I just started ninth grade at boarding school, and one Saturday night my roommate had some friends hanging out in our room. They are all pretty, popular girls, and they started talking about their boyfriends or past boys they’ve hooked up with. I was the only one in the room who said nothing about dating. Then, suddenly, one girl named Jessica turned to me, “Cindy, have you even kissed a boy?!” I was surprised, and I blushed bright red; they all knew right then and there that I haven’t. I totally didn’t feel like talking after that, and it was getting quite late so I decided to go to bed. Only problem is that I was still wearing a t-shirt and jeans unlike Ruby and two of the other girls who were already in their PJs and ready for bed. This may sound strange to you, but I am very modest about changing in front of other girls, and in elementary school I would change for gym in the bathroom just to avoid being seen in my underwear. Ruby and her four friends were on her bed talking so I was hoping they would be distracted enough for me to take off my jeans and sneak into bed in t-shirt and panties without noticing. Unfortunately, Jessica is very sharp, and she could tell how nervous I was about undressing in front of them and that I was stalling and trying to hide something. So when I finally slipped my jeans off, Jessica squealed, “Cindy’s wearing Little Mermaid panties!” The five girls on the bed across from mine all laughed at me and they were able to check out all the little Ariels on my butt because my darn t-shirt only went down to my waist. I crawled into bed and pretended to sleep as the girls stayed on Ruby’s bed whispering and giggling. I hated Jessie for making such a big deal about my embarrassing underpants. Has anyone else ever been laughed at because of their underwear?
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Stephanie View Profile 03-Mar-08
Aww don't feel bad! I'm 20 and I have Elmo and Cookies Monster undies! My boyfriend bought them for me acutally. He :)s them!
Ashley View Profile 23-Feb-08
i think little mermaid underwear is awesome! Maybe i come from a different social group, i dont know, but cute underwear has been the way to go for a while now. i have all sorts of cool stuff on my underwear, right now i got a monkey on there, i had strawberry shortcake ones, frog ones, happy bunny ones, etc. your underwear is your business, overall, be proud!
OpTiX View Profile 15-Feb-08
like the second poster from the bottom said, maybe jessica wouldnt be able to squeeze her butt into those cartoon undies! You should let her borrow them, maybe you could start something new with those girls?

Anyway, its cool that you wear cartoon undies, i :) it when chicks do it and im looking for some more cartoon ones for myself :)

I've never been laughed at for my underwear before, but if i was busted wearing cartoon briefs i wouldnt care too much. just laugh it off and say they are the coolest, you have to try it.
Sarah View Profile 08-Feb-08
I wear cute cartoon undies all the time. That OK!
Rebecca View Profile 04-Feb-08
i have a thong that has pooh bear on it and a v-string that has spongebob on the front!!
britney View Profile 04-Feb-08
i still wearcartoon underwear and im 18. Dont worry what other peope think about your underwear
Teagan View Profile 25-Jan-08
taste like chicken View Profile 25-Jan-08
Jason View Profile 23-Jan-08
, I still wear cartoon undies and just do what feels right
karina View Profile 23-Jan-08
what the heck is the big deal?
I still where underwear with cartoons on them.
Kirk View Profile 23-Jan-08
haha, well im in gr. 12 and I still wear Fruit of the Loom tightey-whities so theres nothing to be worried about. Sure people laugh occasionally but just wear what you want.
In Loving Memory of JOSH PERRY View Profile 23-Jan-08
i think you should be proud of ur underwear. little mermaid undies, are made for children, so they are small. it sounds like jessica is mabe jealous of ur butt, maybe hers is too big to fit into somthing that small. never be ashamed of ur underwear. my little sister is 16 years old. when her parents (we are adoptive sisters) buy undies for her other sisters, she's the first to pick out of the packs. she :)s the cute prints. fish, dora, anything. get this her name is Ariel! she would say rock on with the undies. besides it's ur choice, ur body, what should they care?
Robert View Profile 21-Jan-08
yah I've been laughed at, but whatever. wear what you want really, i posted an article just now about my underwear, i mean on girls, I think girls that wear underwear like that are cute personally.

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