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Male Bridesmaid
My best friend, who is a girl and is 18, wants me to be a part of her wedding-a male bridesmaid. There will be 5 of us, 4 girls and me. They want me to be dressed just like them...dress, lingerie, everything. I told her I'd think about it and let her know this weekend. This weekend they are going out to try on bridesmaid dresses. My heart is thumping like crazy. Question is, should I? I really would like to know what it is like to be all prettied up and act/be a girl in public. The reason she asked me is because I have no girlfriend and she knows that I like wearing lingerie-bras and panties. BTW I am 16.
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brian 14-May-10
do what you feel like doing. Just dont screw up her day.
michelle View Profile 12-Apr-10
I like it!I like seeing guys crossdressed.I'll bet that you'll look adorable.I wish that I could see a picture of you!
George 25-Jan-10
that's a dream of mine, but there's no way i'd actually go through with it. if everyone was coordinating everything like that i'd definitely wear the bra, panties and prob nylons under a suit. it'd be hot knowing i'd be in a line wearing all the same underwear as the bride maids! now that i think about it, i'd want to wear as much as i could when i get married too! wouldn't it be awesome to be a groom and be wearing some sexy panties, bra, nylons and maybe a garter as well! wait! do they make women's tuxes!? that'd be the if it wasn't too obvious! it's got to be the right girl obviously to be ok with all that, but how awesome would that be!?
Devonny 16-Jun-09
This is the bride's day and I think that is where the focus should be. Just wear whatever you like under your suit. Let us know how things go.
Saya View Profile 13-Jun-09
If you're comfortable wearing a dress for your friend Go ahead- chances are you will be getting more attention t han the bride- in the end she might not be so happy with that desicion.

However, she doesn't have the right to force or put pressure on you to wear a dress if you're a guy. A good friend wouldn't want to make her friends feel uncomfortable - especially the man of honor. I think it's fair for her to ask you to match the bridesmaids dresses. If they are wearing pink- you wear pink. But I don't think it should be forced- that's not cool. Just because you like to wear lingerie in private does not mean you have to wear a dress at her wedding & you shouldn't feel bad about confronting her.

I'm going to have a male man of honor & .....actually all my brides maids will be males. ( so unfortunately i can't have fun picking out the dress of doom)- I wouldn't even think of having them walk in a dress - at most i'd get the all to wear a dress for a silly picture just for fun ( you know at a dress shop).

Good Luck
morgan lindsey 13-Jun-09
Time and place for everything and this is about a wedding, not flaunting your sexuality. This is the bride's day so dress up at home. Male bridesmaids are common these days but dress appropriately for everyones sake.

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